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Assessing Soros

October 29, 2006

Richard Poe posted an article on FrontPageMagazine last August, called “The Cult of Soros.”  It is an expose of the influence George Soros has developed over the American Democratic Party.  It is a stunning revelation:

Soros’s coup was ten years in the making.  Since 1994, he had worked with a network of leftwing foundations to fund a $140-million-dollar lobbying drive in favor of “campaign finance reform.”  The campaign succeeded in passing the McCain-Feingold Act, which, by outlawing “soft-money” donations, in effect de-funded the Democratic Party. As a result of the Act, the Democratic Party could no longer collect the multi-million-dollar donations from labor unions which were its lifeblood. Soros stepped in with the Shadow Party to collect the donations instead. 

Having driven the Democratic Party to the brink of bankruptcy, Soros then offered to save it.  In effect, he privatized the Party, by setting up a network of privately-owned, non-profit groups which would raise the big campaign contributions the Party was now forbidden to raise itself.

This is the kind of information that needs to be on the front page of every newspaper in America.  It is not a conspiracy theory.  It is fact.  This is why Poe wrote a book about it, The Shadow Party (2006). 

This is why American Indians do ourselves no favor by lending, without protest, the sacred name “sundance” to George Soros, via Robert Redord’s Sundance Institute.  Soros is using the Sundance Institute to create documentaries against American values, against the Republicans, and against conservatives.  


Let the opposition begin.  Let Indians vehemently oppose Robert Redford and George Soros for their ‘mascot’ use of the religious sundance


The Soros Sundance Against America

October 27, 2006

Here is a recent advertisement/letter from David Horowitz which begins with a reference to the Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute. 

 What the Hollywood Left Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dear Friends,

  The Hollywood Left is making an all-out effort to tilt the elections
and undermine the War on Terror, but you have a chance to make a
difference by reading to the end of this letter and joining our cause.

  * George Soros and the Sundance Film Festival are currently giving
away millions of dollars to fund over a hundred anti-American,
anti-Israeli films like “My Terrorist” and “The Women of Hezbollah.”
Meanwhile Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel airs such fare as “Torture:
The Guantanamo Guidebook,” a ‘reality TV’ show in which American
soldiers are depicted torturing ‘innocent’ Guantanamo detainees.

* On October 27th, just one week before the election, a movie will be
released in U.S. theatres titled “Death of a President” that depicts
the assassination of George W. Bush in graphic detail.

  Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” and George Clooney’s “Syriana”
(which sympathetically depicts a suicide bomber who blows up an
American oil facility) are currently being used as recruiting tools by
terrorists. Hezbollah helps to distribute Moore’s film in the Middle

There is more to the letter.  It is asking for support for the Liberty Film Festival, The Liberty Film Festival was founded in 2004 in Los Angeles by filmmakers Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty to foster a new film movement in Hollywood, drawing on conservative talents in the entertainment industry.  For the contents of the entire letter, go to The Bad Eagle Journal

Here is a recent blog by David Horowitz on the infiltration of George Soros into American politics.

It is abundantly clear that the George Soros connection with Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute is the ultimate disgrace of the sacred Indian name, “sundance.”  Such perfidy and treacherous anti-Americanism on the part of Redford and Soros is blasphemous to the Indian spirit.  

Robert Redford and George Soros

October 24, 2006

January 9, 2005, the Bad Eagle Journal began a series of blogs on Robert Redford and his Sundance Institute.  It was later learned that George Soros developed a position of control (over the documentary element) in the Institute.   Here are the blogs, as well as an article on the matter, published in FrontPageMagazine:

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Of late, there is further developement in the George Soros involvement in Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute.   In New York, later this month (Oct. 26-29), Soros’ Open Society Institute  and the Redford Sundance Institute are sponsoring 19 films about poverty and misery in South Africa, East Europe, the Appalacians, Iran, Africa, New Orleans, and Jamaica.  Soros has fully united Redford’s Sundance Institute with the professional lamentations of the Left, and in the studied, aggressive condemnation of Western achievement.   This is the result of Soros’ having taken control over the Documentary division of the Sundance Institute. 

 So far, Soros has shown absolutely no interest in American Indians (to my knowledge), other than to use the sociological, psychological power of the name, “sundance,” which represents the sacred powers of the American Indian, and the inherent influence such a name carries.   Of course, this was Redford’s original doing.  Soros is merely taking advantage of it.   As an American Indian, I must protest this blatant usurpation of an American Indian name.   Redford and Soros are using the name “Sundance” as a mascot for their political agendas, agendas which are neither sensitive nor beneficial to Indian people.    

The Redford/Soros Indian Mascot

October 24, 2006

The Sundance Institute, founded by Robert Redford, and now largely funded by George Soros, uses the name “sundance,” a sacred, religious custom of American Indians, without respect, without affinity with Indians, and instead associates the powerful name with an agenda which is neither sympathetic nor beneficial to American Indians.  I see this as a “mascot” issue.  It is the use of an American Indian image, and the inherent power concomitant.  I note that professional Indian protesters have avoided making any issue out of the Sundance Issue.  This blog, The Soros Sundance, is for the purpose of opposing the use of the name “sundance” in such a denigrating manner.  The Sundance Institute is an anti-American institution, and thereby associates American Indians with anti-Americanism.  This is pernicious to American Indian people.