The Redford/Soros Indian Mascot

The Sundance Institute, founded by Robert Redford, and now largely funded by George Soros, uses the name “sundance,” a sacred, religious custom of American Indians, without respect, without affinity with Indians, and instead associates the powerful name with an agenda which is neither sympathetic nor beneficial to American Indians.  I see this as a “mascot” issue.  It is the use of an American Indian image, and the inherent power concomitant.  I note that professional Indian protesters have avoided making any issue out of the Sundance Issue.  This blog, The Soros Sundance, is for the purpose of opposing the use of the name “sundance” in such a denigrating manner.  The Sundance Institute is an anti-American institution, and thereby associates American Indians with anti-Americanism.  This is pernicious to American Indian people. 


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