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Update on the Case

November 21, 2006

Since I began this Soros Sundance blog, I have written three offices of the ACLU, the Utah office (re The Sundance Resort in Utah, created and owned by Robert Redford), the Southern California office (re the official home of The Sundance Institute is Beverly Hills), and the Oklahoma office, since I am the plaintiff, and I live in Oklahoma City.   Again, the idea is to sue for a name change.  I consider the name “Sundance” an abuse.  It is using the name of a sacred rite of plains Indians as a mascot to consciously or unconsciously validate or otherwise advocate the anti-American sentiments of Robert Redford and George Soros. 

October 31, the Oklahoma City office (Tamya Cox, Litigation Coordinator) said the ACLU of Oklahoma could not take the case–for standard reasons, “limited financial and human resources.”  Looked very much to be like a form letter, signed.

November 7, the ACLU of Southern California said my request “concerns a matter that appears to have occurred outside of our area.”   I may have inferred that the Sundance Institute was in Utah, when their office is in Beverly Hills, California.  I will redirect my request to them, in fact.   They rejected the case in that is was not their responsibility.  They gave me the office of the Utah ACLU (which I’d already written). 

 I have heard nothing, as yet, from the Utah office.   The Sundance Film Festival does occur in Utah, Park City, in fact.   But the Sundance Institute has offices in Park City and in Beverly Hills.  (The ACLU of Southern California must have known that.) 

 In the meantime, I queried the Sundance Institute in Beverly Hills regard Indian participation.  Friday, November 3, I wrote to the Indian in charge of receiving Indian applications for film showings.  His name is Bird Runningwater.  He apparently turned the request over to an associate, Kevin Lee Burton, who asked me for more specifics, which I offered.  I want to know what Indians have ever been involved with Sundance Institute, in any capacity, writer, director, actor, etc.   I wrote again on the 10th and the 20th.  No list given.  No response, period.

 I shall continue to research the matter.  I don’t know that the institute is a non-profit organization, in which case all information is public by law.  This will be easy to determine, however, the Sundance Institute site does not immediately describe its legal status.   I will also continue to persue the identity of Indians involved in the Institute.


Soros against Pelosi?

November 14, 2006

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a George Soros funded task force, has just denounced Nancy Pelosi for her support of John Murtha.  CREW has identified as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress (and among the five to watch most closely). 

Odd?  Is there no unity amongst the American Communists?  Pelosi is on the executive committee of Congress’ Progressive Caucus.   Come now, Mr. Soros, with whom are seeking to score points?   Aren’t Pelosi and Murtha “communist” enough for you?   Ethics?  Responsibility?  What are you talking about?  Surely you don’t mean buying votes,  paying protesters,   or subverting governments.   

Soros against the Jews?

November 3, 2006

Here’s an interesting piece, a slice of the 60 Minutes interview of Soros, back in 1998.  (Thank you Sweetness & Light.)  It seems that Soros has no qualms about having betrayed Jews to the Nazis when he was a teenager.   Of course, it was about survival.  I wouldn’t say Soros is a self-hating Jew.   Lots of Jews did similar things, to survive.  S&L’s assessment has it that such survival entails a lack of conscience, and indicates a sociopathology.   I disagree, somewhat.  In that kind of circumstance, how would one describe or identify normal, good mental health?

If Soros is sociopathic, it is in his messianic vision–himself being the savior.  He wants to affect the world.  He wants to “save” the world, in his mind anyway.  He is a giant visionary and an astute thinker.  He is also hardened by experience, and, in this sense, he does seem to act without immediate conscience.   Ends justifies means, in his thinking.  In that sense, S&L may be right.

I of course focus on the single abuse of using the sacred Indian name “sun dance” as a mere mascot.   I’m quite sure neither he nor Redford have given this one thought, nor care one thought more.  I am preparing to pursue this matter legally.  We’ll see if it matters at all.  We’ll see if the ‘Leftist’ Indians out there really have any ‘fortitude.’  

I saw this Soros article on S&L, only because I was visiting Ann Coulter’s site, and the Quotations column on the left (Oct.30, 2006).  Lucky me. Thank you Ann.