Soros against the Jews?

Here’s an interesting piece, a slice of the 60 Minutes interview of Soros, back in 1998.  (Thank you Sweetness & Light.)  It seems that Soros has no qualms about having betrayed Jews to the Nazis when he was a teenager.   Of course, it was about survival.  I wouldn’t say Soros is a self-hating Jew.   Lots of Jews did similar things, to survive.  S&L’s assessment has it that such survival entails a lack of conscience, and indicates a sociopathology.   I disagree, somewhat.  In that kind of circumstance, how would one describe or identify normal, good mental health?

If Soros is sociopathic, it is in his messianic vision–himself being the savior.  He wants to affect the world.  He wants to “save” the world, in his mind anyway.  He is a giant visionary and an astute thinker.  He is also hardened by experience, and, in this sense, he does seem to act without immediate conscience.   Ends justifies means, in his thinking.  In that sense, S&L may be right.

I of course focus on the single abuse of using the sacred Indian name “sun dance” as a mere mascot.   I’m quite sure neither he nor Redford have given this one thought, nor care one thought more.  I am preparing to pursue this matter legally.  We’ll see if it matters at all.  We’ll see if the ‘Leftist’ Indians out there really have any ‘fortitude.’  

I saw this Soros article on S&L, only because I was visiting Ann Coulter’s site, and the Quotations column on the left (Oct.30, 2006).  Lucky me. Thank you Ann. 


2 Responses to “Soros against the Jews?”

  1. greetingsmyson Says:

    Two points:

    (1) What he did as a teenager to survive does not make him a sociopath in my unprofessional, unlearned opinion. However, pushing octogenarian-ism, and not even having a qualm about having betrayed fellow Jews, does.

    (2) He may be in for the shock of his mangy existence; Treachery gets you a spot in the worst circle.

    9th circle: Treachery. It is divided into four sections. The sinners are in a frozen lake, Cocytus. This circle is surrounded by the Giants. One of them, Antaeus, takes Dante and Virgil and puts them down into the ice.

    1) Caina: Traitors to Kin. These are immersed in the ice with head down. Dante talks to Carmiscione de’ Pazzi.

    2) Antenora: Traitors to Homeland. Dante sees one who keeps biting on another’s head. He is Count Ugolino who is gnawing the Archbishop Ruggeri’s head. He tells Dante the account of his death.

    3) Ptolomea: Traitors to Guests. They are head up in the ice, which is freezing their eyes. Dante talks to Fra Alberigo, who is there while his body is still alive, for having killed his guests as he invited them for dinner.

    4) Giudecca: Traitors to Benefactors. These sinners are completely immersed into the ice.
    The ice of the 9th circled is kept frozen by Lucifer’s six flapping wings. Lucifer has three faces, with three mouths, each chewing on a sinner: Judas is in the middle mouth with his head inside, Brutus and Cassius are in the side mouths, with their heads hanging out.

    “Greetings, my son!”

  2. davidyeagley Says:

    Not sure Jews believe in this kind of hell…(!)

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