Update on the Case

Since I began this Soros Sundance blog, I have written three offices of the ACLU, the Utah office (re The Sundance Resort in Utah, created and owned by Robert Redford), the Southern California office (re the official home of The Sundance Institute is Beverly Hills), and the Oklahoma office, since I am the plaintiff, and I live in Oklahoma City.   Again, the idea is to sue for a name change.  I consider the name “Sundance” an abuse.  It is using the name of a sacred rite of plains Indians as a mascot to consciously or unconsciously validate or otherwise advocate the anti-American sentiments of Robert Redford and George Soros. 

October 31, the Oklahoma City office (Tamya Cox, Litigation Coordinator) said the ACLU of Oklahoma could not take the case–for standard reasons, “limited financial and human resources.”  Looked very much to be like a form letter, signed.

November 7, the ACLU of Southern California said my request “concerns a matter that appears to have occurred outside of our area.”   I may have inferred that the Sundance Institute was in Utah, when their office is in Beverly Hills, California.  I will redirect my request to them, in fact.   They rejected the case in that is was not their responsibility.  They gave me the office of the Utah ACLU (which I’d already written). 

 I have heard nothing, as yet, from the Utah office.   The Sundance Film Festival does occur in Utah, Park City, in fact.   But the Sundance Institute has offices in Park City and in Beverly Hills.  (The ACLU of Southern California must have known that.) 

 In the meantime, I queried the Sundance Institute in Beverly Hills regard Indian participation.  Friday, November 3, I wrote to the Indian in charge of receiving Indian applications for film showings.  His name is Bird Runningwater.  He apparently turned the request over to an associate, Kevin Lee Burton, who asked me for more specifics, which I offered.  I want to know what Indians have ever been involved with Sundance Institute, in any capacity, writer, director, actor, etc.   I wrote again on the 10th and the 20th.  No list given.  No response, period.

 I shall continue to research the matter.  I don’t know that the institute is a non-profit organization, in which case all information is public by law.  This will be easy to determine, however, the Sundance Institute site does not immediately describe its legal status.   I will also continue to persue the identity of Indians involved in the Institute.


3 Responses to “Update on the Case”

  1. greetingsmyson Says:

    It sounds like an up hill battle and the hill is made of banana peels. This alone makes your efforts impressive.

    I know it would steam me if some Hollywood freak started a production company named, “In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit Productions.”

    I better shut up and not give anyone some ideas!

    Best of Luck!

  2. davidyeagley Says:

    Uphill, indeed. Tell me, does it seem far-fetched undertaking? Is it border-line ludicrous? To me it seems perfectly logical, and the obvious thing to do, to challenge the irreligious, anti-American use of the name “sun dance.” Sundance is obviously Indian, and Redford and Soros obviously have no love fore America.

    I simply will not have the American Indian used to validate anti-American sentiment.

  3. greetingsmyson Says:

    I think your cause is just and I think it is noble. However, just and noble are not enough when you enter our legal system. You seem to have the necessary demeanor to weather the inevitable storms of frustration that go hand and hand with this kind of quest. I know for sure you have the articulation and intelligence to fight the good fight.

    Perhaps the battle would be better fought in the arena of public opinion???

    I think any human being with even a small sense of decency would not approve of Robert Redford choosing, what is tantamount to a very sacred religious ceremony, as the name of his production company. That is if Joe Blow, and Jane Doe “knew” what The Sun Dance truly represented?

    You’ve been on the O’reilly Factor, he knows who you are, perhaps write him and every other TV cable news program–YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!–CNN and Opray may get touched by this outrage.

    I can imagine the brouhaha over the “Ramadan Film Festival!” There is no love lost between me and Muslims, but that kind of thing is simply not right!

    This choice of the name Sundance is Un-American, in more ways then one, By God!

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