Sundance Shines on Bestiality

Sundance picks Seattle film on horse-sex case

 From the Seattle Times “Arts and Entertainment briefs,” we see that the great Sundance Institute, funded by George Soros, has elected to aggrandize a film by Robinson Devor about the case of a man dying from injuries resulting from having sex with a horse.  It is known as the Enumclaw case, after the rural area in Washington state at which extended sexual perversions took place.    

The Sundance Film Festival announced Wednesday that Seattle filmmaker Robinson Devor’s documentary ‘Zoo’ has been accepted into the 2007 festival’s documentary competition. The film examines the widely reported case of an Enumclaw man who died in 2005 after having sex with a horse.

‘Zoo’ is one of 16 documentaries selected for competition (out of 856 submitted), all of which will screen as world premieres. Devor has had two previous films at Sundance: the made-in-Seattle drama ‘Police Beat,’ and ‘The Woman Chaser.’

The Sundance Film Festival will take place Jan. 18-28 in Park City, Utah.”

Robinson Devor

This is the third film of Robinson Devor which Sundance has featured at it’s annual festival.   His films emphasize the seamy, dark side, the Third World, and are typical of the values and intents of George Soros.  This should become more and more known.  Soros holds no values dear to America.  Soros in fact, according to Richard Poe’s original expose in “George Soros’ Coup” (NewsMax May, 2004), has funded abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, homosexual marriage, and other radical experiments in social engineering.

These are not things I want to see associated with the American Indian sacred sun dance.   This is why the name “Sundance Institute” must be change.  I will pursue this relentlessly, for the sake of Indians, and for the sake of America.   


2 Responses to “Sundance Shines on Bestiality”

  1. greetingsmyson Says:

    First of all, it is impossible for a man to have “sex” with a horse, just as it is impossible for a man to have “sex” with another man.

    And second of all, if the horse does not kill you, the government or your neighbor should, for even trying.

  2. davidyeagley Says:

    I say this is the Soros influence. Perversion of America. Perversion of Judeo-Christian morals. He promotes this, apparently. Obviously, he’s not the only one, but, I will concentrate on him, because of the perversion of the Indian religious term, “sun dance.” I will not have this sacred concept associated with anti-Americanism and blatant immorality. This is sacrilege from all sides.

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