Sundance Denigrates Indians

The George Soros-funded Sundance Institute has now become profoundly racist.  The Institute has now officially labeled Philippinos as American Indians.  All non-whites are equated with Indians.  In an announcement of the six films to be screened by the Institute in 2007 as “Native American,” Philippino Auraeus Solito’s Tuli is included.   From the announcement:

TULI/Philippines–Director: Auraeus Solito (Palaw’an)


When a young girl in a remote Philippine village is forced into an arranged marriage by her abusive father, she rejects traditional mores and creates an alternative life. U.S. Premiere 

Note how the term “Palaw’an” is placed by Mr. Solito’s name.  This is to authenticate the tribal ambience, in the proffered association with American Indians.  

Sundance Institute has opened the door now for all “brownies” of the western hemisphere to participate its “Native American” program (so-called).   There was really no special consideration for American Indians to begin with.   All that has happened now is that the name American Indian, or “Native American” has been made to mean non-white, so that all races in the Americas can share the blood-bought honor of of the name “American Indian.”   Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians are now equated with American Indians.   This has been the same Communist racialist plan from the beginning, and was manifested in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian from the first.   All non-whites in the “Americas,” in western hemisphere, are properly called American Indian. 

 This is the denegration of American Indians sought by the Sundance Institute, as it continues to abuse the name of the sacred religious rite of the American Indian, sun dance.   “Native Forum Program,” it was announced, and “Films from Native American and Indigenous Filmmakers.”  Same thing.  Same people.  No difference.  As long as it’s non-white, it’s “Indian.” 

 It’s all in the new billing of the Institute’s program (that used to be for Indians):  The Sundance Institute Native American and Indigenous Initiative.


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