Homosexuals are new “Indians”

The Rober Redford/George Soros film pusher, The Sundance Insitute, is now openly promoting homosexuals, Asians, and African-Americans as Indians. 

In a recent announcement of some panel discussions to take place in Park City, Utah, later this month, we find these this statement about an opening panel discussion:

Panel Discussion:  The Burden of Representation

Whether its speaking on behalf of all Native Americans or all Asian Americans or all gays, the burden of representation can at times weigh a bit too much. Most often that burden, imposed by the community’s expectation, is never met. Join an openly gay Palaw’an Islander, a Jewish Maori, a Seminole Okie and a host of others whose films step outside “conventional” representation and explore what it means to speak for one’s self rather than an entire community.

Now, this was from a listserve announcement.  On the official Sundance Institute web site, the announcement reads slightly differently:

Whether a film or an artist is speaking on behalf of a whole community (i.e. Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans) the burden of representation can weigh a lot.

Asians for sure are now American Indians, in the Sundance Institute, but the two announcements together also bring in homosexuals and Negroes (African-Americans).

We have pointed this out before, but now the Sundance Institute is openly promoting the distruction of American Indian identity.  It’s all through the magic words, “native” and “indigenous.”  All skins, all the time.  This is the racist will of the liberal whites, like Robert Redford and George Soros.

 Note:  The Filippino film maker, Aureaus Solito, is both Asian and homosexual.   His work is being featured in this year’s “Native American and Indigenous Initiative.” 


2 Responses to “Homosexuals are new “Indians””

  1. benning Says:

    I have never heard of a Jewish Maori. What will they think of next?

  2. davidyeagley Says:

    Anything to dissolve the idea of a unique or identifiable ethnicity. It is all about integration and intermarriage–in the attempt to dissolve differences. This will enable the power-mongers to grasp control over everyone. The race is more easily managed if there are no differences to fight over. That’s the Soros view.

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