Soros in the House

George Soros, the man who boasts of bringing down the governments of Ukraine, Georgia, and Serbia, has now manoeuvered into America–with the same intent.   He has an operative under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

 His name is Joseph Onek.  He is not famous, but he is effective.  He was Deputy Council for Jimmy Carter, and under Clinton he was deputy Associate Attorney General and Rule of Law Coordinator with the State Department.  He was earlier a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and served as an Assistant Counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

 More recently, and more importantly, he was a Senior Policy Analyst for Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI).   This is cause for deep concern.   Read the lurid details on Traditional Value Coalition.   The OSI is “openly” anti-American, and anti-Christian.   It is openly anti-nationalistic, and wholly globalist–which is another word for imperialist–which, as all globalists, ‘openly’ deny. 

Read all about Soros in The Shadow Party, (2006) by Richard Poe & David Horowitz. 


Richard Poe


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