The Soros Take on World Power

Last May, 2006, George Soros revealed more of his strange and inconsistent views of the world.  In his new book, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror (2006), Soros claims that he doesn’t want world government, but rather world organizations.  He doesn’t want any nation to have any power over any other, or some such unnatural, dictatorial notion of sorts.  No.  He wants the power.  He wants to see his views implemented on the world.  

NewsMax reported on this book August 21, 2006, based on a Boston Globe interview with Soros the day before. 

 Soros talks about international law.  That is the key to his secret power grab.  Not through force, but through law, he would see his vision of the world.   Of course, the force he is using to bring about that ‘law’ is money.  And he’s not above using violence, either.  He pays for it.   His funded several revolutions to oust people he dislikes.  By financing the anti-government movements, he overthrew regimes in Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, and under the Clinton administration, was able to take great advantage of the discomfited Russia.  This is all in The Shadow Party, by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. 

Soros is kidding no one but himself, and whomever he pays to work for him.  He just wants world power, by any means.  He merely promises utopia as the moral justification of his means.  He thinks he can morally condemn others for the power they have earned, and thus justify his right to go after the same power, with deceptive means. 


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