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O’Reilly on Soros

April 24, 2007

Beginning tonight, April 23, 2007, Bill O’Reilly will be feature a week-long series of commentary exposing the operations of supreme Leftist anti-American George Soros.  (Check upper right corner for tonights notice.) 

Tonight Bill charted out the Soros network of organizations he funds, and how they all pour into Media Matters.   It was a clear, basic construct, and communicated exactly what O’Reilly intended.   Here is the video of the commentary of guests Monica Crowley and Phil Kent. 

I’m disappointed in one thing:  Richard Poe first exposed George Soros in NewsMax (hard copy), May, 2004.  In fact Poe was a guest on Bill O’Reilly, the same month.  Poe and David Horowitz recently published a book on Soros, The Shadow Party (2006) in which all the sordid Soros details are concentrated on.   I am curious why O’Reilly didn’t go the the Soros source in this matter.  Phil Kent’s book, The Foundations of Betrayal: How the Liberal Super Rich Undermine America (2007) is the most recent, but, I’m just curious how and why Poe’s work would not even be mentioned.   Kent offered no knew information about the Soros scheme of things.

Also, O’Reilly asked Kent whether there were any comparable conservative organizations to compete with something like Media Matters.  Once again, Poe was not mentioned.  Poe is in fact editor-in-chief of, a new web center designed precisely to counteract Media Matters.   Apparently uninformed of this, merely noted the disparity of fabulous financial backing of major Soros organizations as compared with the “dwarfed” conservative groups.