Soros Smoke: Worried about freedom?

Soros-funded media outlets are suggesting that a new U.S. military drill designed to enhance homeland security is actually a smoke screen operation that lays foundations for American martial law.   According to WND’s Joseph Farah,  the Soros-funded news outlets are saying that the security drill is a Bush manoeuver to prepare for total dictatorship.  Of course, Soros has always likened Bush to Adolf Hitler. 

 Isn’t it interesting how the true tyrants, the loving liberals like Soros, who are most anxious to control every aspect of the personal life of the American citizen, are first to accuse Bush of the same–when Bush is trying to develop national security.   This suggests, of course, what we already know.  The liberals disdain national security.  The liberals love Muslims, and love terrorism, and love to see America attacked, defeated, and destroyed. 

They fool no one but themselves with this “martial law” smoke screen.  The accusation is an attempt to cover their own tyrannical tirades, like, you can’t have freedom of speech, you can’t have freedom of religion, and you can’t be an American patriot.   For years, they’ve tried to make this against the law.  


2 Responses to “Soros Smoke: Worried about freedom?”

  1. benning Says:

    For someone who survived the subjugation of Eastern Europe by the Communists, Soros is strangely bound to the very philosphies, goals, and tactics of the Commies. I gess his amazing wealth has warped his mind. He is a very dangerous, twisted individual.

  2. davidyeagley Says:

    When one’s assessment of power is faulty, and one happens to wield power, this is indeed dangerous!

    I suppose all power-grasping tends to shape the individual in the same way. Soros’ first lessons in power were from Adolf Hitler.

    Soros attitude toward race, ethnicity, and nationality are all Hitlerian, really. A strange combination of Communism and Naziism. Power, control over others, mangagement of the world, this is always the goal of great visionaries.

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