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Redford Renews Anti-Americanism

July 12, 2008

As once before, on foreign soil Robert Redford denounced America.   In Dublin, he warned that if the fringe foreigner and trained Marxist Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t become President of the United States, it will be the end of the Democrat Party.   Well, this is not a loss, but, the point is, Redford himself has always had a sulking, negative attitude toward the United States, and he naturally is drawn to others with the same sentiments.   Redford is into the magic word, “change,” too. 

Robert Redford, presiding. By what possible authority? Hollywood
acting career? Surely, a bad omen.

To the IrishTimes he also denounced drilling for oil in Alaska.  As true anti-Americans, Redford and Obama don’t want to see America be strong and independent.  They want to see America become like the Third World Countries.   They simply want to bring America down.  

More personally, they want to use the power America has achieved by strength and conservative values to implement their own miserably inadequate, negative, self-righteous notions of how things ought to be.   They deny American history, and how American power evolved, but want to use that same American power to push off their own foreign ideas on America.   Autolytics, they are.   The whole Democrat, Marxist injection into America society is cultural autolysis.