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Evergreen Soros

October 11, 2009

Foreign globalist George Soros plans to invest a billion dollars in “green” technology, according to a Reuters report from Cophenhagen.   Fine.   It’s just jobs, for a few people.    It won’t affect anything but the income of a chosen few.  

However, Soros also plans on lobbying for political, legal policy, which will in fact effect the lives of everyone. 

The Hungarian-born U.S. investor also announced he would form and fund a new climate policy initiative with $10 million a year for 10 years.

He plans to present the initiative in December, in Copenhagen, where the greeners of the world will meet to seek more control over the world, over society, and over people.  The tryannists will not be inhibited.  Their sinister designs, urged under the guise of world good deedism, of saving the world, will continue to develop and to be implemented. 

“The science is clear, what is less clear is whether world leaders will demonstrate the political will necessary to solve the problem,” he said, according to a brief email statement.

The science is completely bogus.  Most of the “scientists” supporting the climate change idea are not scientists in the field.  The true reports are published, but the media continues the mantra of deception.  Soros reasons from a false premise, but one which, as many other tyrannists, he choses to believe because it plays into the hands of the power grabbers. 

It is a political problem, indeed, and that’s where Soros is really investing the money.   It’s about power, not climate.   We knew that.