Soros to Undermine America

“George Soros bets against America,” says John Corsi, in a recent newsletter.  An excertp was posted on World Net Daily.   The subtitle reads, “Billionaire attacks capitalism, makes billions on global recession.”  That’s right.  Smart, powerful men know how to take advantage of every situtation, good or bad.  I just wonder, though, when they are demonstrably averse to America, why are they ever allowed in the country?  

Michal Savage was banned from England, for merely speaking against Muslims.   But Soros, who actively works against America, is allowed full access to anything and everything in the country. 

Soros plans to spend $50 million on a new “Institute for New Economic Thinking,” which will offer grants and fund research on ways of assuring centralized government control over the economy.   The idea is ultimately blend into a global economy.  This is accomplished by the dissolution of nationhood.  Soros has always been against independent nations.  “Tribalism,” he has called it, a thing of the past that needs to be abandoned.  

Of course, one wonders if there is any point in describing the obvious, objecting to the inevitable, or protesting the demise of America.  The movers and the shakers have it all planned, and no one seems to be able to stop them.


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