The Soros Take on World Power

March 9, 2007

Last May, 2006, George Soros revealed more of his strange and inconsistent views of the world.  In his new book, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror (2006), Soros claims that he doesn’t want world government, but rather world organizations.  He doesn’t want any nation to have any power over any other, or some such unnatural, dictatorial notion of sorts.  No.  He wants the power.  He wants to see his views implemented on the world.  

NewsMax reported on this book August 21, 2006, based on a Boston Globe interview with Soros the day before. 

 Soros talks about international law.  That is the key to his secret power grab.  Not through force, but through law, he would see his vision of the world.   Of course, the force he is using to bring about that ‘law’ is money.  And he’s not above using violence, either.  He pays for it.   His funded several revolutions to oust people he dislikes.  By financing the anti-government movements, he overthrew regimes in Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, and under the Clinton administration, was able to take great advantage of the discomfited Russia.  This is all in The Shadow Party, by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. 

Soros is kidding no one but himself, and whomever he pays to work for him.  He just wants world power, by any means.  He merely promises utopia as the moral justification of his means.  He thinks he can morally condemn others for the power they have earned, and thus justify his right to go after the same power, with deceptive means. 


Sundance Race/Gender Melt-down

February 20, 2007

Sundance Institute has provided a YouTube clip on the 2007 “Native American” Intitiative film projects.   It’s all about the dissolution of racial, ethnic, and gender differentiations.   It is a Communist ideal–the removal of all borders,  in the name of “equality,” as the Democrats like to say.

birdr.jpg Bird Runningwater, homosexual film advocate

It is abundantly clear from this clip that that participants, under the directive of the Institute, are bragging about the fact they have made “Native American” mean Asian, African, Pacific Islander, and homosexual.   That’s what there six films were all about this season.  Interracial, ‘intergender’ sex.   All under the validation of the usurped American Indian name and image. 

This private little Sundance conclave claims to be setting the pace for the new century.   George Soros funds this “Native American” farse under the Robert Redford’s usurped Indian name, “Sundance.”  Hollywood Indians, and most Indian leaders, are unaware of this, and probably do not see it as a pernicious abuse of the American Indian image. 

Soros in the House

February 16, 2007

George Soros, the man who boasts of bringing down the governments of Ukraine, Georgia, and Serbia, has now manoeuvered into America–with the same intent.   He has an operative under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

 His name is Joseph Onek.  He is not famous, but he is effective.  He was Deputy Council for Jimmy Carter, and under Clinton he was deputy Associate Attorney General and Rule of Law Coordinator with the State Department.  He was earlier a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and served as an Assistant Counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

 More recently, and more importantly, he was a Senior Policy Analyst for Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI).   This is cause for deep concern.   Read the lurid details on Traditional Value Coalition.   The OSI is “openly” anti-American, and anti-Christian.   It is openly anti-nationalistic, and wholly globalist–which is another word for imperialist–which, as all globalists, ‘openly’ deny. 

Read all about Soros in The Shadow Party, (2006) by Richard Poe & David Horowitz. 


Richard Poe

Christian Leaders Denounce Sundance

February 15, 2007

American Family Association’s “Action Alert” newsletter recently denounced Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute.  The Films “Houndog” and “Zoo” were cited for their aggressive immorality.   But the newsletter is not so much about the films, or the Sundance Institute, but about the supporters of the enterprise–the American people,  that is, the American tax dollars.  

Says the Alert:  “The National Endowment for the Arts gave between $100,000 and $249,000 to help underwrite the festival, and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) gave between $50,000 and $99,999.”

The news letter ultimately requests concerned citizens to write congressmen, and cut off the funding, not from the Sundance Institute, but from the NEA and PBS. 

Homosexuals are new “Indians”

January 9, 2007

The Rober Redford/George Soros film pusher, The Sundance Insitute, is now openly promoting homosexuals, Asians, and African-Americans as Indians. 

In a recent announcement of some panel discussions to take place in Park City, Utah, later this month, we find these this statement about an opening panel discussion:

Panel Discussion:  The Burden of Representation

Whether its speaking on behalf of all Native Americans or all Asian Americans or all gays, the burden of representation can at times weigh a bit too much. Most often that burden, imposed by the community’s expectation, is never met. Join an openly gay Palaw’an Islander, a Jewish Maori, a Seminole Okie and a host of others whose films step outside “conventional” representation and explore what it means to speak for one’s self rather than an entire community.

Now, this was from a listserve announcement.  On the official Sundance Institute web site, the announcement reads slightly differently:

Whether a film or an artist is speaking on behalf of a whole community (i.e. Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans) the burden of representation can weigh a lot.

Asians for sure are now American Indians, in the Sundance Institute, but the two announcements together also bring in homosexuals and Negroes (African-Americans).

We have pointed this out before, but now the Sundance Institute is openly promoting the distruction of American Indian identity.  It’s all through the magic words, “native” and “indigenous.”  All skins, all the time.  This is the racist will of the liberal whites, like Robert Redford and George Soros.

 Note:  The Filippino film maker, Aureaus Solito, is both Asian and homosexual.   His work is being featured in this year’s “Native American and Indigenous Initiative.” 

Sundance Denigrates Indians

December 20, 2006

The George Soros-funded Sundance Institute has now become profoundly racist.  The Institute has now officially labeled Philippinos as American Indians.  All non-whites are equated with Indians.  In an announcement of the six films to be screened by the Institute in 2007 as “Native American,” Philippino Auraeus Solito’s Tuli is included.   From the announcement:

TULI/Philippines–Director: Auraeus Solito (Palaw’an)


When a young girl in a remote Philippine village is forced into an arranged marriage by her abusive father, she rejects traditional mores and creates an alternative life. U.S. Premiere 

Note how the term “Palaw’an” is placed by Mr. Solito’s name.  This is to authenticate the tribal ambience, in the proffered association with American Indians.  

Sundance Institute has opened the door now for all “brownies” of the western hemisphere to participate its “Native American” program (so-called).   There was really no special consideration for American Indians to begin with.   All that has happened now is that the name American Indian, or “Native American” has been made to mean non-white, so that all races in the Americas can share the blood-bought honor of of the name “American Indian.”   Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians are now equated with American Indians.   This has been the same Communist racialist plan from the beginning, and was manifested in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian from the first.   All non-whites in the “Americas,” in western hemisphere, are properly called American Indian. 

 This is the denegration of American Indians sought by the Sundance Institute, as it continues to abuse the name of the sacred religious rite of the American Indian, sun dance.   “Native Forum Program,” it was announced, and “Films from Native American and Indigenous Filmmakers.”  Same thing.  Same people.  No difference.  As long as it’s non-white, it’s “Indian.” 

 It’s all in the new billing of the Institute’s program (that used to be for Indians):  The Sundance Institute Native American and Indigenous Initiative.

Allred Delines Solicitation

December 7, 2006

Here is the apparently “auto” response from the offices of Allred, Makoro & Goldberg, received the afternoon of the day solicitation was made:

Dear Mr. Yeagley,

I am in receipt of your email outlining your legal matter.

I regret to inform you that due to our heavy caseload and other commitments, neither I nor my law firm is in a position to become involved in this matter. You may wish to contact your county’s Bar Association for a referral to an appropriate attorney.

Please be advised that in every case there is a time period in which an individual must file a lawsuit or forever lose the right to do so. I have made no attempt to ascertain what that time period is as it pertains to the set of circumstances you describe. In addition, the fact that I cannot represent you should not necessarily be construed to mean that you have no case. If you wish to pursue this matter further, I would strongly urge that you seek a lawyer immediately to evaluate the facts and to advise you as to the time period available within which to file a lawsuit.

I appreciate your inquiry and wish you success in your pursuit of justice.

Very truly yours,


Gloria Allred

(Dec. 6, 2006, 2:31 pm)

Gloria Allred solicited

December 6, 2006

I have contacted the offices of Gloria Allred (Allred, Maroko & Goldberg).  I stated a simple case:

 American Indian name issue.  Must sue  “Sundance Institute” for name change.  Sundance is a deeply religious rite of American Indians.  The “Sundance Institute” (Beverly Hills) represents values inimical to American Indians.

Brief solicitation required.  I hope it was clear enough to catch their attention.  This solicitation was made December 6, 2006, and 11:20 am.   We’ll see if what kind of response comes.  The ACLU offices delined the case. 

The last resort, of course, is for me to file a case myself in the District Court of Oklahoma, downtown Oklahoma City.  I am prepared to do that.   

Sundance Shines on Bestiality

December 3, 2006

Sundance picks Seattle film on horse-sex case

 From the Seattle Times “Arts and Entertainment briefs,” we see that the great Sundance Institute, funded by George Soros, has elected to aggrandize a film by Robinson Devor about the case of a man dying from injuries resulting from having sex with a horse.  It is known as the Enumclaw case, after the rural area in Washington state at which extended sexual perversions took place.    

The Sundance Film Festival announced Wednesday that Seattle filmmaker Robinson Devor’s documentary ‘Zoo’ has been accepted into the 2007 festival’s documentary competition. The film examines the widely reported case of an Enumclaw man who died in 2005 after having sex with a horse.

‘Zoo’ is one of 16 documentaries selected for competition (out of 856 submitted), all of which will screen as world premieres. Devor has had two previous films at Sundance: the made-in-Seattle drama ‘Police Beat,’ and ‘The Woman Chaser.’

The Sundance Film Festival will take place Jan. 18-28 in Park City, Utah.”

Robinson Devor

This is the third film of Robinson Devor which Sundance has featured at it’s annual festival.   His films emphasize the seamy, dark side, the Third World, and are typical of the values and intents of George Soros.  This should become more and more known.  Soros holds no values dear to America.  Soros in fact, according to Richard Poe’s original expose in “George Soros’ Coup” (NewsMax May, 2004), has funded abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, homosexual marriage, and other radical experiments in social engineering.

These are not things I want to see associated with the American Indian sacred sun dance.   This is why the name “Sundance Institute” must be change.  I will pursue this relentlessly, for the sake of Indians, and for the sake of America.   

Update on the Case

November 21, 2006

Since I began this Soros Sundance blog, I have written three offices of the ACLU, the Utah office (re The Sundance Resort in Utah, created and owned by Robert Redford), the Southern California office (re the official home of The Sundance Institute is Beverly Hills), and the Oklahoma office, since I am the plaintiff, and I live in Oklahoma City.   Again, the idea is to sue for a name change.  I consider the name “Sundance” an abuse.  It is using the name of a sacred rite of plains Indians as a mascot to consciously or unconsciously validate or otherwise advocate the anti-American sentiments of Robert Redford and George Soros. 

October 31, the Oklahoma City office (Tamya Cox, Litigation Coordinator) said the ACLU of Oklahoma could not take the case–for standard reasons, “limited financial and human resources.”  Looked very much to be like a form letter, signed.

November 7, the ACLU of Southern California said my request “concerns a matter that appears to have occurred outside of our area.”   I may have inferred that the Sundance Institute was in Utah, when their office is in Beverly Hills, California.  I will redirect my request to them, in fact.   They rejected the case in that is was not their responsibility.  They gave me the office of the Utah ACLU (which I’d already written). 

 I have heard nothing, as yet, from the Utah office.   The Sundance Film Festival does occur in Utah, Park City, in fact.   But the Sundance Institute has offices in Park City and in Beverly Hills.  (The ACLU of Southern California must have known that.) 

 In the meantime, I queried the Sundance Institute in Beverly Hills regard Indian participation.  Friday, November 3, I wrote to the Indian in charge of receiving Indian applications for film showings.  His name is Bird Runningwater.  He apparently turned the request over to an associate, Kevin Lee Burton, who asked me for more specifics, which I offered.  I want to know what Indians have ever been involved with Sundance Institute, in any capacity, writer, director, actor, etc.   I wrote again on the 10th and the 20th.  No list given.  No response, period.

 I shall continue to research the matter.  I don’t know that the institute is a non-profit organization, in which case all information is public by law.  This will be easy to determine, however, the Sundance Institute site does not immediately describe its legal status.   I will also continue to persue the identity of Indians involved in the Institute.